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The DoorWay is a world-wide community focused on creating a "new normal" for individuals and businesses. We look for faster and better results. We operate as an "open university of life" by providing coaching and tools, for people and businesses along with supporting community memberships. 

We believe there is another way for businesses, organisations and individuals to live and operate. The DoorWay's "whole brain and body" approach provides a new "operating system" with protocols that deliver faster and better results. We see a world full of happy and productive people secure in the knowledge they are contributing and maximising all opportunities and potentialities.

The DoorWay mission is to "open the door" to people and organisations to be more consciously aware of their talent and opportunities, to capitalise on these and to achieve the results they desire in life.

The DoorWay uses an innovate combination of Design Thinking, Proven Science and Action Focus. These are delivered through an evolving set of workshops, coaching, membership subscriptions, tools, affiliate listings and related products and services.



Each of us at The DoorWay just have a feeling that we're doing the right thing. We are a community of like-minded people - each both teacher and learner, willing to exchange information, knowledge and wisdom while understanding that we're co-creating the new normal. We're pragmatists too - we expect results. So as much as we're heart-based, we're just as much results based. We think of ourselves as design thinkers for people and productivity (see below). We're interested in how we get the most out of people and businesses - for ourselves, the economy and for humanity. Whether you are a Quester (you) or a DoorWay Coach we believe and share the same mission.

It Started With The Heart, Brain And Gut Meetings (Our Story)

The DoorWay community started when Steven Vincent and Jane Gruebner met at a workshop Jane was giving. Steven was looking for transformation and attended after he was told to go by his sister-in-law. Steven was so taken aback with the transformation in himself he thanked Jane and said "one day we will work together". This was the "heart meeting" and things were afoot.


Then about a year later they both met at a book meeting about the brain one fine evening in Auckland, New Zealand. Most people feel that it is the human brain that is the "controller". Throughout a fascinating evening the book reinforced the role our brain plays, and it is not what we are generally taught (currently and without the right tools, the brain actually acts as a handbrake for people, businesses, and society). Both future questers talked about meeting up with a view to forming a new type of business. One with a new "operating system". They agreed to a third meeting and it was this "gut meeting" where we decided to actually do something and start The DoorWay.

We felt if more people and businesses could experience this new body of learning - the new normal - then perhaps everyone could live in a very much better world, a better place (yes, with this meaningful wider vision). So we agreed to join forces with a mission to "open the door" to people and organisations to fulfil their own unique potential. We set about creating a roadmap using the principles of design thinking for others to design and express their own unique selves. We were always conscious that "work" matters and is an integral part of our life equation. Work is just another transformation that needs to continually occur in transforming our world-wide eco-system and econ-system. 


Our design thinking roadmap would then apply equally to our personal and professional lives. We could use it for transformation in our work (CEO and across the workplace) and in our life "outside of the office".

Once we had momentum we wanted to build the business together with a circle of the most amazing people across the planet with an energy that would continue to reinforce and further build momentum. The Circle Of The Amazing coaches and team began appearing and the energy just keeps growing. Our sustainable business model and growth is now well underway. 


Design Thinking

The DoorWay embeds Design Thinking - the human ability to be intuitive, to recognise patterns, and to construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional - into everything we do. This means The DoorWay coaching and tools are both specific to you and your business, and structured for success. By design, it is about you, and is emotionally meaningful and functional for you. You will feel right and get phenomenal results quickly and sustainably (over time and with a "balanced scorecard"). Yes we do think differently.


We each generally use just half of our brain in pursuit of our health, wealth & wellbeing goals. No it does not make sense! It is time to challenge your status quo & do something!! Seek abundance for yourself & those around you.


We help you find the key to your mind & whole of self "operating system." Together we challenge the status quo, with beautifully simple & fast tools, to teach & support you in your personal, business & professional goals.


We show you what to do, how to set goals, & make a game of it so it's fun. You have access to workshops, consultants & other services. We also nudge you & keep you accountable so you actually delivery your health, wealth & wellbeing goals.

Fun And Safe To Use (SAFE)


Anyone & any business or organisation can readily adopt & use the training/tools.


Tools & techniques you use everyday to make personal & professional life more enjoyable & effective.


Learn the tools & techniques in no time at all with quick access to coaches.


Astounding individual, business and organisational feedback. It works!

We're All On A Quest (QUEST)


Learn and use the tools & techniques quickly (minutes). Coaches & tools deliver the fastest results


A unique mix of tools based on Design Thinking, Proven Science & Action Focus. With use they become unique to you.


Everything is energy. Learn to use your internal Energy Signature & external Energy Web to attain your goals & dreams. 


Workshops and sessions are evidence based and science backed.  We use experts & expertise to support what we do. 


Designed & optimised for today and today's world. Tools are flexible and can be used across all areas of life & business. 

The DoorWay's focus is on freedom. We educate people and businesses across the globe to lead themselves and lead the world from fear to freedom. Because with freedom comes transformation. What would you like the freedom to do?


An Open University Of Life


We set out to create a world wide university of life-long-learning. A university very different from traditional universities. We see the creation of the Open University Of Life with:

  • Open Entry. No entry qualifications, other than the desire to grow and learn every day.

  • Open Curriculum. A curriculum centred around each individual and their unique potential, as opposed to the given truth from an authority which bestows knowledge to its "pupils".

  • Open To Science. An acceptance of science-backed principles, such as quantum law and universal energy.

Based on these principles, many other principles flowed, including:

With No Entry Qualification:

  • Everything is possible for everyone. Unlimited potential exists, rather than zero sum.

  • Anyone in the right environment will excel and live a full and prosperous life.

  • Questers for personal and professional growth can just invite like-minded others.

With An Open Curriculum (and No Ultimate Authority):

  • There is no glass ceiling or glass walls.

  • Each member of the community contributes their unique skills, reflecting their unique purpose.

  • Other bodies of knowledge and learning are complimentary.


With a Science-backed outlook:

  • There is an openness to understanding that we are all "one", as a people, community and species.

  • We avoid separateness which creates instability, inequality and conflict.

  • Sustainability is fundamental to quality of life, economics and survival.

New Era And New Normal


We understand that we live in a constantly changing word and that continuous change is what is needed to survive, thrive and succeed. We have decoded the new era and encoded this into a simple new "Operating System". The DoorWay Operating System gives you a key to the future. A future based around you and your potential. The steps really are easy - just pick your key and unlock your potential - in life and in business/career/vocation. Core to the operating system is the understanding that the new normal future needs heart-centred thinking (rather than just head-based thinking) to reach full potential. We are leading the movement to heart-centred thinking. Let's will work together and demonstrate that when we use our heart, head and gut this delivers success.

Accessing Our Full Power And Potential

We believe in using the creative and intuitive "right" side of our brain as well as our more logical "left" brain. The DoorWay techniques maximise use of all of our brain. But there is much more power and potential to be used by each of us. Not many people know this yet.

Science reveals we have three "brains": the heart brain, the head brain and the gut brain (eg, see Heartmath.org). We recognise the power and potential of using all three brains. Using all three brains gives us a powerful advantage. We have built this understanding into the The DoorWay operating system for you to fully use.

Why It Works

Everything we do is about challenging the status quo on how we live and work today. We believe in designing our own future - at home and at work. Why are things the way they are? Why shouldn't we work together? Why shouldn't we all have the freedom to succeed?


The DoorWay Freedom Framework™ covers the areas needed to succeed in life and in business.

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We create the space for everyone to contribute and succeed. We share information, wisdom and best practice.

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By operating across the planet we connect each other with opportunities to share success. Be connected across the globe.

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What People Say

10/10 This workshop has practical application for everyday use both at work and at home. 

Linda Reid, Inner Compass Workshop, Whangarei

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