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Brian Collins

Principal Coach - Consultant

A man who walks his talk. 


DoorWay Strength: Meeting Brian you sense his depth of experience, wisdom and understanding - both personally and professionally - about people and life.

Brian’s extensive years of experience as an Osteopath working “hands on” each day with people of all ages has given him an intricate depth of knowledge around the interplay of body, mind and spirit; essential for a healthy state of balance and wellbeing.

Combining his many talents, including a sharp wit, a supportive and gentle yet lively demeanour with enthusiasm makes his workshops and coaching programmes a real opportunity for people to learn to experience themselves at many levels.

Background and Bio: Brian’s country of birth and schooling in Africa set the scene for his love of the outdoors. Of pioneer descent, this was his start to the investigative journey and constant questing to find “the answer”. After the introductory four-year training in London, Brian launched into the world of physical medicine and quickly found there were many unanswered questions around Health and Wellness. Years of professional and personal exploration has led Brian to conclude that his role is to assist his clients to “remember what it’s like to feel well/whole again.” He believes any small change within each one of us has a ripple effect through our Global community.


The gift of the DoorWay, a heart centred approach, has provided Brian with an expanded view of the possibilities for change with simplicity, for himself and everyone he works with. In these ever changing and challenging times, this is an opportunity he relishes and looks forward to sharing with you.


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