Chrissy Heathorn

Principal Coach - Consultant

A seeker and heart based natural networker. Chrissy is passionate about life and the potential of life for each of us. 


Doorway Strength: Meeting Chrissy, you will feel her vitality & warmth. She believes that we all have tremendous potential, much of it hidden and unconscious. She has compassion, empathy, experience and a natural ability to assist others who are seeking to create change and transformation for themselves. Chrissy acts as a bridge supporting you to cross into the unknown - that place where ultimately you innately know the most fulfilling and satisfying life possible awaits you.  Having a determination to create a meaningful life means Chrissy walks her talk. Pivotal people and defining moments act as valuable signposts, encouraging self reflection & awareness. Have you noticed your ‘signs’? Or do you live life ‘on the go’, fitting in as much as possible? Does this result in overwhelm, frustration, stress and exhaustion?  There is another way ... which is why Chrissy is aligned with The DoorWay. “We all have a ’story’; it need not define who you are today, or who you truly desire to be in the future ... start writing your new chapter now - I believe in you!”

Background and Bio: Innately curious, Chrissy has amassed certification & experience in many modalities, including Reiki, NZ College Massage - Certificate in Massage, Psychosynthesis Counselling, The Journey Work, Seasons For Growth (experiential grief counselling for children), Psych K kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Dip.Holistic Living Counselling & BodyTalk Access & Fundamentals.


UK born, I made a choice to raise my children in Aotearoa - New Zealand, the ultimate playground. In hindsight it is the place I too have grown, beyond my wildest dreams, and continue to grow.


A lifetime of business ownership, and self development is where I play an active part in following my heart, with a few diversions thrown in for challenge, growth and learning.


Like many other people I have encountered life events and crises. We all find ourselves facing these and more, at one time or another … I did. This together with feelings of - not being good enough - lacking confidence - guilt - and other ‘shadows’ showed me aspects of myself that were holding me back from deep happiness, joy, satisfaction, fulfilment and contentment.


These events, challenges and The DoorWay techniques have helped me develop personal strength and insight, to trust myself to make considered choices, and with conscious awareness. I would like to share these lessons and techniques.

We now have the scientific evidence that we can all choose to create our own reality. Allow me to introduce “DoorWay Heroes” such as Dr Joe Dispenza, Lynne McTaggart, John Kehoe, Dr Candace Pert, Deepak Chopra, and Louise Hay. There are many more who have answered the call to their own brilliance.


My personal call to happiness & joy comes by way of my children and family, music, salsa dancing, reading, yoga, travel, gardening, walking my beautiful companion Brodie-dog, and seeing others reach their potential. For excitement & fun I often push my perceived fear barrier, trying new things, continually learning, and spending time with people I love.


“I invite you to join me. I am holding out my hand, I believe in you and know you've got this. Let’s shine a light on choices you may be unaware of. Start now, design your own life. How would you like it to look?”

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