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Everyone loves the practical approach of our coaches, the number of AH-HA moments, the energy and the feeling of belonging. Reach out to them now, and let them know that you want to work together in public or private workshops and / or sessions.

Ngaire Pook, Coach-Consultant
Based in Waipu, New Zealand
Brian Collins - Coach-Consultant
Nelson, New Zealand
Jason Harding, Coach-Consultant
Based in Australia
Izak Human, Coach-Consultant
Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lizzy Wilkinson, Coach-Consultant
Based in New Plymouth, New Zealand
Jane Gruebner, Co-founder
Based in Auckland, New Zealand
Raewynne Jacobs, Ambassador
New Zealand based
Tina Miller, Coach-Consultant
Based in Auckland, New Zealand
Steven Vincent, Co-founder
Based in Auckland, New Zealand
Katie Taylor-Reid, Coach/Consultant
Based in Auckland, New Zealand
Chrissy Heathorn, Coach/Consultant
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It's given me an "Energy Lab" to practise my practice.

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