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Reset Your Inner Calm Learn a 2 Min Technique, with a DoorWay Coach 


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The DoorWay's 'Design Your Life' workshops and coaching team help you become your own architect of life, for business and individually. It's time to unlock and unleash your unlimited potential. What would you like the freedom to do?

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We're In This Together And Together
And We Can  Move Forward Confidently

We each need the ability to adapt and self manage in the face of life's challenges and opportunities. This is particularly true during and following times like Covid-19. We are here to help you and communities both survive and thrive in these unprecedented conditions. 

Everywhere in our communities people are "blowing fuses" and we use our proven techniques and science backed workshops and coaching to help people "re-set" themselves. Using a circuit board analogy, our mind-body connection operates with a normal flow until something breaks the circuit. With the profound disruption created by coronavirus, people are telling us they experience a range of feelings from stress, tension, overwhelm and pressure. These reflect a breakdown in the mind-body energy flow. The "circuit has been broken" which puts a person's feelings, thoughts and action into conflict. 


Everyday our coaches are sharing the simple secrets of resetting and reconnecting their communication systems so people feel confident making choices and moving forward. Please do talk with us and consider these techniques and workshops as a proven way to move forward with confidence. 

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Who Works With Us 

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How We Work

We ensure every person and business in our coaching programmes have the core competencies to be the changemaker of their own destiny. The DoorWay is the fastest way to accelerate personally & professionally.


You have to see it (workshops), to believe it. So we are an open university of life. A university that is very different from a traditional universities. See the workshops.


We don't know, what we don't know. So we have coaches to help you succeed personally & professionally. It's time to be your best.

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Transformation will achieve your goals and dreams. So we help you step up your game to be the person / business you know deep down you can be: stories.

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Why It Works

Everything we do is about challenging the status quo on how we live and work today. We believe in designing our own future - at home and at work. Why are things the way they are? Why shouldn't we work together? Why shouldn't we all have the freedom to succeed? We are all on a QUEST:


Learn and use the tools & techniques quickly (minutes). Coaches & tools deliver the fastest results


A unique mix of tools based on Design Thinking, Proven Science & Action Focus. With use they become unique to you.


Everything is energy. Learn to use your internal Energy Signature & external Energy Web to attain your goals & dreams. 


Workshops and sessions are evidence based and science backed.  We use experts & expertise to support what we do. 


Designed & optimised for today and today's world. Tools are flexible and can be used across all areas of life & business. 


Our Fast Forward Freedom Framework™ covers the areas needed to succeed in life and business.

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We create the space for everyone to contribute and succeed. We share information, wisdom and best practice.

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By operating across the planet we connect each other with opportunities to share success.


What We Offer

We provide The DoorWay "Transformation Toolbox" to address today's challenges. For business and for life, we offer three types of Quests:

  • Setting Direction and making Decisions ... to find your "true north": Inner Coach

  • Maintaining Balance and Calm ... to maintain your "true north": Inner Compass

  • Optimising Progress ... use Intention Quests to optimise your journey in different areas of life and business.


Work with one of our coaches in workshops and sessions to experience the profound effect on your life and business.

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We're all in this together and you have found your tribe. Get the beta monthly benefits and stay close - you're one of us!

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We all spend time online and on mobile, so talk with us about our upcoming beta online ​options.

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"I highly recommend this workshop to absolutely anyone and everyone. There are no prerequisites and no special background required. The techniques taught are simple, fast and very effective and all backed up with the latest science. I loved the workshop for the ease and simplicity of it all. It all made sense to me. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by doing this workshop. A life changing experience is waiting for you ... go for it!" Carole Vincent, Practitioner 

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