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Reset Your Inner Calm, Learn a 2 Minute Technique, Online with Ngaire Pook 21Apr 1.00PM NZ$33

Two hour Online Stress Reset workshop with Principal Coach Ngaire Pook. You will learn a 2 minute technique that uses science-backed principles to remove stress, tension, overwhelm & pressure. Imagine ... removing anxiety in 2 minutes anytime in the day. This is open to everyone. Just $33.
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Time & Location

21 Apr 2020, 1:00 pm NZST – 22 Apr 2020, 3:00 pm NZST

About The Workshop


Develop an ongoing practice for strengthening your inner calm, finding the space and control you need to make decisions and de-stress your mind and body. You develop the inner power to connect with, and consult your own intuition (inner tuition) and self.

Using the 2-minute Calming Technique Regularly Over Time:

  • Neutralises negative attitudes, anxiety and depression.
  • Neutralises exhaustion and fatigue.
  • Neutralises negative onging & long term stress hormones & inflamation in the body.
  • Centres you back into joy, self-worth and confidence.
  • Your heart-centred and loveable nature re-emerges.
  • Activates new neural pathways in your brain and lights up your mind.

Body and Cellular Benefits of Regular Use and Meditation:

  • Your brain wave activity is slowed down and stress subsides. 
  • Growth hormones, or somatotropin, stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration.
  • Your adrenals are calmed and rested. This halts the over-production of cortisol which plays a key role in helping the body respond to stress. Elevated cortisol over time, produces glucose, leading to increased blood sugar levels. The impact on your thyroid function can also impact your ability to lose weight.
  • Your endocrine system which secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system is is taken off high alert. Your hormonal systems go back into normal state and you feel restored.
  • Inflammation is decreased at the cellular level which neutralises acidosis and minimises pain.
  • Your body gets to truly rest, your balance is restored and you feel revitalised. Your "monkey mind" or chatter is quietened and sleep is improved.
  • Your system is alkalised, which balances the acidity generated from stress hormones due to your overactive analytical mind and fear-based thinking.

MindQuest Inner Compass is a two hour workshop where you can tap into the intuitive powers of your mind at will:

  • Managing your mind in a way that balances your analytical left brain and your creative right brain.
  • Learn a daily practice to give yourself the space you need to think and make the right decisions.
  • Create certainty for yourself and find your own answers, so you’re not so heavily influenced by external circumstances and other people.
  • Develop a strong inner compass to guide your personal and business development.
  • Maintain your "True North" and access and attain your true potential.
  • Energise and re~discover yourself and others with ease. Others include family, friends and colleagues. Re~express yourself. 
  • Tap into your intuitive powers in order to create something remarkable.
  • There is a gap between the modern business and personal development practices that are taught and the realities of building a successful life and business/career. This gap is a person’s ability to find their own answers to the ongoing problems that exist when trying to build a meaningful life and business/career. MindQuest Inner Compass workshop is a practice that helps to bridge this gap.
  • At the completion of workshop you are awarded with an official MindQuest™ Certificate (emailed to you as a PDF).

It’s your ability as a person, person in business/founder/career builder, to manage yourself, take control of your own thoughts and intuition in order to make decisions and move forward in the right direction for yourself and others around you. 

Successful people have developed this ability to a strong degree, through various methods. And you can too.


We're passionate about finding methods and tools that enable significant leaps in personal and business development. We only deliver workshops and supporting services that we have experienced ourselves and know offer significant value. MindQuest is one of these opportunities.


Two hour MindQuest Inner Compass workshop. Learn tools & techniques for the mind and intuition to develop a strong inner compass - use effectively personally and within your business.

  • This workshop is open to everyone wanting to actually make changes in their life/business.
  • Tax deductible as a business expense.
  • Location: ONLINE You will receive a zoom link to access your workshop.
  • You will receive an email that includes a pre-workshop workbook. 
  • Workshop Fee: $33 (Inc GST).
  • Need An Invoice (Please request).


  • Contact us and we'll get right back to you
  • Email: ngaire.pook@the-doorway.com
  • Call Ngaire on +64 (0)21 127 3835
  • More about Ngaire: www.the-doorway.com/ngairepook


  • Ngaire Pook - Calm 21Apr2020
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    GST included

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