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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I register for a workshop?

Registering is easy - just go to the workshops link.

Can I contact a Coach / Consultant directly?

Certainly - we encourage you to make direct contact with coaches / consultants. Go to the Coach/Consultant page, click on their photo, which links to their page, and contact them via the form or details on the page.

Where do I begin to learn about The DoorWay and what it does?

Begin here is a good place to check out. About us sets out The DoorWay's backstory, who we are, and why we work in health, wealth and wellbeing with people across the world. The homepage sets out How We Work, Why It Works and What We Offer. Workshops list the curent workshops you can register on. Stories shares the astoundingly positive feedback we get from those people who choose to work with our coaches / consultants.

Where does the name "The DoorWay" come from and what does it symbolise?

You will be using doorways everyday to go from one room or place to another. These symbolise your life journey. When you enter a doorway, you enter a new space, with new opportunities (and you leave behind the room or space you just left). This represents new beginnings and new potential for you (and everyone and organisation throughout the world). A famous quote sums up what we do ( other doorway quotes): "In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself." Krishnamurti (1895 - 1986) The door to your unique unlimited potential is there - and the key is in your own hand. The DoorWay empowers you to open the door of your unique unlimited potential. DoorWay Mission: Health, Wealth & Wellbeing For You & Universe We “open the door” to people and organisations to fulfill your unique unlimited potential. Starting With You It is you who is walking through the doorway. So the spotlight is on you. And this is where The DoorWay puts the spotlight too. We start with you, or "Self" and recognise that you have the power to enable yourself and be accountable yourself. This is empowering for each of us (as we are no longer dependent on others to make changes in our life, or we are not controlled by others actions). You are a whole life being with everything you need to live in joy and achieve your unique unlimited potential.