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Jane Gruebner

Co-founder, Co-creator & Principal Coach - Consultant

The energy queen and transformer. Everything Jane does comes from the heart. 


Doorway Strength: Internationally qualified, Jane has worked directly with many of the worlds leading industry figures. Her clients continue to be astounded at the changes and transformations they experience. Her commitment is to assist people through life transitions and transformations of life. Jane has vision in life. She knows how to create success; with a successful career in Corporate life and then having created her own businesses, her mantra in life is “ There is always an  opportunity”. She loves to inspire and support others in being and living the greatest expression of who they can be. Her life passion is Energy Science and awareness of consciousness after several personal life changing experiences which generated a compelling drive to research the statement ‘we create our own reality’. Jane has worked for 20 plus years in a deeply heart centred way with many people in group workshops and one-on-one coaching and mentoring of many people over the years. Her zest for life keeps growing and she sees life as an opportunity to explore and adventure with! Not one to be ‘in the square’ or to let fear stand in the way of living a bountiful and abundant life Jane brings humour and vitality to everything she does.


Background and Bio: Life changed literally in an instant for me with an epiphany and I've never looked back!

Like many people, I worked my way up the ladder of corporate but the the deeper part of me never felt truly fulfilled. After years spent in the banking, insurance, and administrative industries, I finally had an epiphany after a series of life events and circumstances that set me off on a powerful new trajectory. One of these motivators for change came while working as a Regional Sales Manager for a large health care insurer. Working at the coal face, I saw how sick people were and how much surgery they were getting. Some of it seemed incredibly devastating to people's lives and potentially avoidable, which made me start asking the question: Is there another way; a better way to health and healing?


This powerful realisation coincided with a life crisis, which was the last straw for me. Leaving the corporate world, I set out to explore myself more fully. Taking this time to invest in myself allowed me to connect with deeply intuitive gifts I possessed. Gifts that had been there all along, but I had not known how to harness or apply. I spent the next few years studying healing arts, gained a Diploma in Natural Healing Sciences and became a Certified Practitioner in a range of integrative modalities as well as a facilitator, which enabled me to assist others in their evolutionary process of self discovery and healing.

The newfound insight and knowledge not only made me immensely passionate; it gave me my life purpose: Bringing awareness of personal power to people from all walks of life who are craving to live life from a more vibrant, enriching place.

Armed with this passion, knowledge, and a mission to change lives for the better, I went on to work with thousands of international clients and workshop attendees over the next 25 years. To this day, my passion and purpose are reaffirmed time and time again when I meet people disenchanted with their own lives, desperate to make a change but not sure where to start. This why I co-created The DoorWay, to offer a new way to work with self awareness and fulfilment using potent ways of Energy Science and Ancient Wisdom.

Now based in Titirangi near the beautiful Waitakere Ranges Regional Park in Auckland, New Zealand, in addition to being the joint Co-Founder of the DoorWay Academy™, I am a successful practitioner, mentor, intuitive and life coach. As a Co-creator and an expert in the MindQuest method, I work with MindQuest consultants, coaches and workshop facilitators around the world to teach cutting-edge perspectives and new approaches to help them, help their clients and businesses to become more innovative vital and creative in all areas of their lives.

Whatever way you interact with me, I strive to bring inspiration, humour and heart to my work. By honouring every individual’s learning requirements, I aim to create an immersive, interactive experience for people, rather than merely ‘delivering’ a course/workshop which is very much part of the business ethos woven into The DoorWay.

If you are looking for a fresh new approach to life and are ready to maximise your life or business experience, please reach out and let’s connect, today is the day to make a difference to your life.

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Unbelievable wealth of knowledge. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Can't wait to continue to explore this with and through you. A new beginning / start to this unlocking of my mind.

Sam Stewart

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