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Now You Can Unleash Your Life Potential

Do you ever just ‘know‘ that something is ‘right’ for you, yet you ignore it and then later regret not listening to that inner voice?


This is your intuition ‘talking’ to you.


Have you ever held onto a vision of what you really wanted and then somehow it ‘miraculously‘ happened? This is the ‘energy web’, and science through quantum law, has proven it exists.


Imagine if you could harness this understanding and develop a real skill in your life to create the kind of life you really want. This is what some of our top achievers in business and sports have developed and know how to work with! You can too.


What if you had a doorway that shows you how to have this ability and skill? If you could make a real difference in your life with better relationships, greater success, more abundance, stronger trust of what is right for you and how to make clearer decisions. How great would that be! If you want this in your life, read on, and learn how to open the doorway to the real you - the one you already know is there.

Most of Us Have Not Trusted Our Intuition

We’re often told that our sixth sense is ‘unreliable’ or ‘doesn't make sense’.


Or ‘you haven't thought it through logically’.


Or ‘How is that ever going to happen’?


Or ‘You’re a dreamer’.


So ... you put those thoughts to one side and follow the path of ‘the norm’, of whats ‘accepted’ and logical ... but something deep inside of you knows there’s something else for you ... if you could only tap into getting clear sense of what it is.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs, Apple Founder and CEO

See Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Your Mind Creates A Stress Within You  

When You Try To Think Your Way Through Everything

Your Head Spins Around

Creating A Feeling Of Pressure

Often Confusion Reigns Within Us

Because We Have Inner Conflict

When we have our ‘inner voice‘ saying one thing and other people saying another we then STOP the process of inner listening - that’s when our problems start.


We start basing our life on other peoples' perceptions and the opinions and values of our society - rather than listening to our own inner wisdom.  


If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust - then life begins to feel fearful and we lose our inner connection to ourself.


Once you know how to EASILY ACCESS your intuition and experience how to TRUST it ....

The only real valuable thing is intuition

Albert Einstein

Your Life Begins to Flow

And Become Happier





Think about times when you felt in the flow:  

  • obstacles seem to melt away

  • relationships work better  

  • life feels happier and success just arrives

That’s because your ‘energy signature’ literally is vibrating positivity - this means YOU are creating your own life simply by being who you are!

You Can Easily Know And Understand

How To Keep Up Your Positivity

Life is not happening to you. 

Life is responding to you.

Science has proven that everything is energy - so to have ways to know how to respond to life, rather than react, is a real gift. This means your life can be lived from a place of joy rather than conflict and stress.

The only real valuable thing is intuition.

Albert Einstein

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What You Will Learn

A Results Based Proven Method

Easy Way To Work With Your Mind

Using Quantum Law and Ancient Wisdom

You learn a simple method with easy steps to harness your mindpower.


This will help you by giving you a structure and a method to tap into powerful quantum laws.

You will learn to:  


  • make clearer decisions about life

  • improve your health

  • accelerate your own evolution

  • have dramatic insights around your
    career or business

  • create better and healthier relationships

  • discover your own life and inner coach


 ... and have access to solutions around ANY life questions you can think of!


It's Called MindQuest

And Here's Why

It Will Work For You

The MindQuest Mastery Method is delivered as a programme of workshops designed to provide a foundation framework for the mind. You then explore and deepen neural connections by choosing the right mastery workshops and supporting options for the focus in your life. It is designed from the ground up with you, as an individual person, and the needs that you have in discovering, growing and living your life potential. It is simple to learn and use for individuals. It is also structured to be readily teachable for instructors and can be used by practitioners as a complimentary modality (be it wellness, wellbeing or health related). 


The method is proving so powerful and effective it is winning accolades from workshop users. The DoorWay runs workshops and supporting activities for anyone who wishes to access their latent power of their mind potential, such as business people, sports people, artists, musicians, counsellors, health professionals, parents, teachers … in fact anyone who wants to expand their life and skill-set, professionally or personally. See some of the attendee stories and learn more.


Workshop Information

MindQuest Workshops will probably be like no other course you have taken. It will open your mind to limitless potentialities. It will traverse modern scientific proof through to ancient wisdoms. All of it is packaged in easy to understand techniques you can use on the workshop and everyday thereafter. Enjoy the experience and get ready to open new doors in your life. 



This gives you the evidence, including quantum law, supporting why MindQuest works. Scientific and supporting studies are presented. This is a key session as it gives your logical Left Brain enough information to "relax" and let your more creative and intuitive Right Brain "have a go"!

  • The Alpha and Theta brainwave states

  • Left and Right Brain Function Theory

  • Some people in their right mind - Mozart, Tesla, Edison and Einstein

  • The benefits of MindQuest techniques

  • The Holographic Mind

  • Engaging the Energy Web, and techniques

  • Speed and practicality of the techniques

  • Meet and work with your Inner Coach



This part of the workshop sets you up with a "kitbag" of techniques (it's like adding apps to your mobile). Of course, in order to achieve "everyday breakthroughs" you need to use MindQuest everyday. When you see how quickly and easily you can do this, every day activity will become routine. And you can have fun too!

  • Relaxation and de-stressing techniques and benefits

  • Engaging your Energy Signature, and techniques

  • Accessing your Inner Coach for creativity

  • Problem solving and brainstorming

  • Study, memory and learning

  • Mental sleeping pill and alarm clock

  • Healing others and self-healing

  • Inter-personal communications

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Obtaining and learning new information

  • Mind and Heart Journeys



The virtual place you create in your mind, your 'Place Of Peace', is based on principles of Jungian psychology. This means that its shape, form and all other aspects are individual to you, because they reflect aspects of your own unconscious. The exercises you carry out in this part of the workshop will help transform your life and the lives of those around you.


It is the profound transformations experienced by many that lead to the honest and extra-ordinary testimonials for workshops.

  • Your "Place Of Peace": mirror for the sub-consciousness

  • Learning to Be, Do and See in your Place Of Peace

  • Setting Direction and making decisions 

  • Healing & Revealing: Health, Wealth and Wellbeing


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