Ngaire Pook

Principal Coach - Consultant

A soul sister who reveals wisdom. Ngaire guides gently and clearly. 


DoorWay Strength: A natural healer with a host of impressive talents, Ngaire lives and breathes positive energy, so is a fantastic Doorway Principal Consultant for participants to learn from. Supportive and encouraging, Ngaire uses her wealth of experience and expertise to guide people to have their own epiphanies and is a gentle, yet powerful force to be reckoned with! Ngaire knows how to ‘hold the space’ to allow people to go to the place of inner exploration. She understands that being a seeker of your own truth holds the key to life transformation. Ngaire has a gentle determination that encourages all her clients to explore places of themselves to allow personal growth, evolution and enlightenment.

Background and Bio: Described by those who know me as strong, grounded, caring and compassionate, I am always willing to share my knowledge with others in a clear, succinct manner. With a great love of mankind, I wish to empower all who seek a deeper meaning to life.


As someone that has always had an interest in health and wellbeing, I first learned therapeutic massage at the age of 19. From there, I devoted a lot of time to understanding and learning many of the healing arts. After going on to work in the fast-paced corporate world as an executive PA, these lessons were put to the test. On top of the work stress came a series of earth-shattering life events (two deaths in the family, becoming a mother to two young children, and regularly acting as a sounding board and mediator for family members) which sent me into meltdown. I had well and truly hit the wall. If only there had been tools like MindQuest back then, I might have been able to pull myself out of that dark place a lot faster than I did.


Eventually finding my way back into alignment, I discovered Zen Shiatsu – The Art of Japanese Acupressure. This healing artform provided a much more profound sense of personal fulfilment, and I went on to gain a Diploma. From there, my thirst for knowledge and expansion in the healing arts became a real drive; not only to help myself understand life and manage my energy but to be able to help others. Following this path to healing was deeply fulfilling and led me to open my private practice shortly after graduating in 2001.


In addition to working as a long-term meditator, I have demonstrated my mediumistic abilities for many years to public audiences, and in private sittings. My current private practice combines all my healing and intuitive skills to help people become more in tune and aligned with their true nature.

Upon discovering the DoorWay, everything about the programme resonated with me. I see The Doorway is an invitation and a platform that is much needed in today’s world. It is for people who are wanting to create better lives, and ultimately understand themselves and manage their energies more harmoniously. My passion for wanting to share my knowledge and understanding shows when I am facilitating workshops, as well as in my private practice.

Outside of my role as a DoorWay Practitioner and healer, I am a voracious reader. I always have a stack of books by the bed (and elsewhere in the house) plus the unseen amount on my Kindle! I believe to gain knowledge, is to increase power, and to apply that knowledge, is to gain wisdom. I enjoy living in the beautiful countryside of Waipu, Northland with my husband, David. We have three cats, a flock of ducks, and some cattle. We also have two adult children who visit as often as they can to enjoy this sanctuary we call home.

Join me on my quest to fulfil my soul’s mission by expanding my consciousness and that of others, and let’s share our knowledge, experiences and understandings about this life we live in and all it can be.

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I found Ngaire to be very informative, knowledgeable, and confidant. She would explain carefully what the procedures were. I can truthfully say that within the first session I felt confidant, and relaxed, and had faith in Ngaire's ability to assess and treat me. 

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