Raewynne Jacobs

Community Ambassador and Principal Coach - Consultant

A heart-based community advocate. Raewynne uses her formidable skills and network to help others shine. 


DoorWay Strength: Putting the pedal to the metal, Raewynne is often found out and about in the community, where her career as a funding manager sees her working to empower people through providing access to funding and guidance that makes a difference.


Positive and encouraging, Raewynne uses her wealth of community development experience and vast networks to share the Doorway message as one of our Community Ambassadors. Raewynne believes everyone has a ‘right to shine.’ She loves to create opportunities that allow people to be in a place to step up for themselves, which is why she promotes workshops in the workplace with The DoorWay.

Her vision of people living a healthy life in every way motivates her determined efforts to ‘make a difference.’

Background and Bio: I am an experienced Manager with a background in philanthropic, private and public sectors. Proven experience in relationship development and management over lengthy periods of time. I'm a leader of community engagement programmes by engaging with both rural and urban communities delivering clear information to diverse audiences. My background includes service delivery, operational management, capacity and capability building - stakeholder relations and leading collaborations in multi-cultural and geographically dispersed communities.

In my previous role I was overseeing the allocation of the annual grants budget to the communities of Auckland and Northland. Managing a team of staff to administer funding by completing due diligence on applications, reporting and recommending to Trustees with well-informed recommendations. 

Building extensive community networks by developing and managing relations with a number of Government Departments, Local Authorities and grant recipients. I oversaw an extensive community engagement programme by actively developing and providing information to all communities.

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