"I highly recommend this workshop to absolutely anyone and everyone. There are no prerequisites and no special background required. The techniques taught are simple, fast and very effective and all backed up with the latest science. I loved the workshop for the ease and simplicity of it all. It all made sense to me. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by doing this workshop. A life changing experience is waiting for you ... go for it!" Carole Vincent, Practitioner www.carolevincent.co.nz


This is an amazing opportunity to access and explore your mind, your world and discover more about your true potential in this world.

Jonathan Callinan – Managing Director of Wellness Directory Ltd.


I recently participated in the workshop course with the lovely and very wise Jane G and it turned out to be a great idea to repeat the whole experience. I wouldn’t say that about every course I have done. What I would say from the first is that I learned so much more the second time. You think you recall material after going through it once; however, there is so much to the workshop that I found I learned a LOT more the second time around.
I also had a much deeper experience of the practice – in essence I also felt more confident in my practice. I also had new experiences in my workshop that revealed insights in my life that were profound.
Since the course, I have used my workshop to visualise regularly what I want to create in my business and life and have been excited to see results manifesting from my practice and that these results are often unexpectedly different and more than I very literally visualise. For example, I’ve won a great prize draw and gained new business that has seemed to come out of the ether. It’s brilliant.
I totally recommend repeating the course to anyone. There were people on my first experience of the course that were doing it a second time and now I get why they were.
Thank you Jane for revealing the power and what it can add to my life.


Kate Nankivell, Director of Force of Nature, www.forceofnature.co.nz


Jane is an amazing facilitator and great at what she does. She comes truly from the heart with all she teaches, a beautiful Soul. I feel very blessed, thank you.

                                           Sabina – Holistic Practitioner


The course was all I hoped for and so much more! By the end of the weekend I had several amazing experiences and I was confident and able to use all of the tools we learnt. I am so excited to use the techniques in so many incredible and exciting ways. Thanks you so much Jane for such an amazing gift!

                                                                              Rachelle - Author and Writer