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Tania Wheeler

Principal Coach - Consultant

Authentic in every way, Tania feels energy and literally ‘lights up a room’ when she is in it. 


DoorWay Strength: Tania’s knowledge and clinical experience of ‘energy’ along with her deep intuitive senses mean you have someone who is able to convey the depth of this understanding in a practical everyday way. Tania has a real presence. Her ability to put others at ease, along with a true desire to teach new innovative ways of moving through life, allows you to feel fully supported as you engage with Tania whether it be online or in person. A natural facilitator, good communicator and listener means you have a full experience with Tania. Her lively nature and good humour will fully engage you.


Background and Bio: A lover of life, nature and our beautiful beaches and coastline, that is me, but most of all I am a lover of people. As a mother of three young adults life has had its share of challenges blended with plenty of laughter and fun times.

Always having had a genuine passion for learning I have been on a path of personal expansion for more years than I care to remember. I am always open to new ways of being, caring for myself and others. To have a bunch of books on the go at any one time is my normal, often highlighting any special gems of wisdom. I am in my happy place when sharing new knowledge with others, expanding their perspectives and sharing ideas to create greater ease and empowerment in their life.

My careers have been varied but have always involved my desire for creativity or my passion for people. Firstly they were in the Apparel Industry where I travelled to many parts of the world and was exposed to numerous cultures and environments. This resulted in an added appreciation for the diversity of our planet and the beauty in all people.

I chose to leave the corporate world to spend time with our three children who were born within four years. Over this time not being someone who liked to stand still I also renovated our home, then further properties and worked alongside my husband in business endeavours. A further four years on I began working in the Tourism Industry, a part time career that has evolved and is one that satisfies my passion for connection with people.

Having always been interested in health, and particularly in the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, several years ago as my old life began to fall apart in every way I began a new career path in the area of Energy Healing as a BodyTalk Practitioner. Through this learning, my own personal experience as well as observing clients I have deepened my understanding of the power of our mind and how it affects our physical reality and overall wellbeing.

​Being introduced to the DoorWay workshops I got incredibly excited about the new possibilities that unfolded with the simple yet highly effective science-backed techniques. I saw a way that I could build trust in myself and life’s process and could in turn help others to do the same.

If you are looking for a way to connect into your own wisdom, to bring peace, calm and understanding into your life, to more effectively make decisions, or to increase belief in your own self then you are in the right place!

Connect with me on the path to a new tomorrow and move towards greater joy, trust and fulfilment in your life. You will love experiencing the power you have within yourself.

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