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Teresa Gibson

Principal Coach - Consultant

Inspiring and empowering people to revitalise their lives.


DoorWay Strength:

Teresa shines through as a Truth Seeker, Brave Hearted-Woman, Inspirational Coach and Net-weaver Extraordinaire. She knows what it takes to be successful in the business world while still maintaining a healthy and balanced personal lifestyle.


If you want to work with someone who has rich life experiences, innate wisdom and practices what she preaches, then Teresa is a good match for you. Her coaching style is relationship-oriented, down-to-earth and genuinely professional. She is enthusiastic, motivational and loves engaging with people from all walks of life, especially empowering women and men from 35 to 65 yo.


Finding yourself overwhelmed at times or are you at a point in your life when you feel you need to take a major Leap of Faith? Do you feel stressed, anxious and/or can’t make decisions more often than you’d like to admit?


If you can relate to the above issues, Teresa is excited to share The Doorway’s easy-to-use tools, tips and practices which will enhance your internal guidance system; allowing you to feel more balanced; improving your self-esteem; while also helping you to handle the consistent changes in our evolving world.


This heart-centred woman is thrilled to be a Coach & Consultant with The Doorway’s programmes, which she believes offers outstanding platforms encouraging people to reignite their passion and re-connect with their Life Mission for sustainable health, authentic happiness and integrated wholeness. One of her favourite phrases is …“The only way out – is by going within!”

Background and Bio:


Throughout my life, I have had to tap into my courage and take many “energetic bungee jumps” with lots of lessons learned from the School of Hard knocks. Just in the last two years, I’ve experienced extensive changes which have taught me so much about letting go and trusting my intuition. I believe these growth opportunities are actually my greatest blessing for integrated learning and alignment towards my highest self – which I’m now excited to share with others.


I enjoy working with business professionals to help them discover and maintain balance between their personal and professional lives through my 35 years of practical and work experience. Mainly serving as an independent contractor in the diverse fields of public relations, event management, marketing, tourism and real estate in both Oregon and NZ. Most recently, I collaboratively sold approximately $23m worth of real estate properties in the greater Matakana Coast, Auckland North region. 

In the middle of my business life sandwich - for 20 plus years - I was a dedicated stay-at-home Mum, while also running a large luxury bed-n-breakfast for 14 years (with my ex-partner) plus home educating my two sons for seven years.


I hold strong to my core values around integrity, honesty, compassion, open-mindedness and inclusivity. On a personal note, my interests include: ongoing personal and spiritual development, hiking, gardening, horses, swimming, dancing and travel whenever possible.


While originally from Portland, Oregon, USA, as a transplant I came to The Land of New Zealand for a three-week holiday 28 years ago … and never left! I have been a NZ Citizen since 2001 and definitely consider Aotearoa my spiritual home.


I also have a passion and commitment for raising any seeking individual’s awareness and consciousness during this transformational time on our Planet of The Great Awakening, so each person may fulfil their unique potential for greater health, happiness and wellbeing.  


If my experiences and ideals spark your interest, contact me today to learn more about The Doorway keys which will unlock your Unlimited Potential!

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Katheryn O. - Snells Beach

"I definitely recommend others to experience this Inner Compass technique to "wake up" their heart, brain and gut connection. I'm now enjoying a calmer and more focused mind. Thank you Teresa!"


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