Tina Miller 

Principal Coach - Consultant

A career professional who helps others create the personal and professional life that is truly fulfilling and rich beyond your dreams. Her personal motto – I haven’t come this far, to only come this far!


DoorWay Strength: Tina has enjoyed a varied career focusing on business leadership and change consulting. The drive for this work is borne from a desire to create workplaces and environments where people feel a sense of belonging, purpose and know their contribution to the organisation's and their own success. Tina comes alive when helping teams develop and individuals find new ways of working and growing further in their careers and ultimately, lives. By focusing on the growth of awareness, collaboration, personal responsibility and choice, so much more is possible – individually and collectively.

Background and Bio: 


Tina feels incredibly privileged to have been trusted with the work she does. Designing and facilitating change has taught her that quality relationships and good outcomes can only be built with foundation values of care, trust, authenticity, transparency, integrity, knowledge, and empowerment. Tina strives to nurture and inspire leadership in these values through her consulting work and overall approach to change. The Doorway tools and methods strongly align with her philosophy and bring a very whole person approach to both her own and her client's growth. 

Tina has worked in many disciplines across a range of industries in senior leadership, change and consulting roles. While the environments and business challenges my vary, the basic human right of being treated well and have opportunities for growth remain consistent.


The rapid pace of workplaces, personal lives and the invasive digital world presents many challenges to us all. Building our own personal capability and capacity to find our place of peace and flow within this is critical. We need new tools to help us do that.   

Tina is Auckland based, consulting in Organisational Design and Change. The DoorWay philosophy and tools have enabled Tina to work in a different way, more potent and authentic, allowing for greater change and bolder outcomes.  

As a Principal Coach with the DoorWay, Tina brings rich personal and professional experience to her coaching and facilitation work. Nothing can beat real world experience when supporting people on their own journey. Tina has a lot and she is willing to share. 

Through being consciously mindful, we can gain greater health and wellbeing, as well as deepening our understanding of the connection between modern science and more holistic practices, to bring stasis to mind, body and spirit.

I look forward to sharing these innovative, science-backed methods to help you/your organisation unlock your purpose and fulfil your unique potential.


Have you come this far, to only come this far – what else is possible?


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What People Say

Steve Phillips

Strategic Consulting Partners – Independent Director and Chairman

“Tina and I have worked together for over 10 years in various contexts such as advisory, consulting and employment. She has a diverse skillset including an intellect and commercial insight and can make sense of complex organisational issues quickly. Most recently she has supported my introduction as Chairman onto boards by providing an end to end analysis of the business model, operating model and potential issues / opportunities for the organisation. She provides the challenge I sometimes require to my views at governance level. Tina is the person I go to for an alternative and honest view when I am searching for solutions in my governance and consulting activities.”

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